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With Unlimited Soft Skills

Training Methodology

The training is filled with extremely participative and interactive programs. The methodology includes lectures, projects, role-plays, quizzes, movies and various other participatory activities. The emphasis will be on experiential learning.

Attitude Vs Facts

In 1970s, the Andrew Carnegie foundation conducted the largest research study ever done to determine what makes a successful individual. They surveyed more than three hundred thousand (300,000) people from 4 employment sectors – business, industry, education & government. It was found that only 7% of success is determined by the knowledge, 12% by the skills, and the remaining 81% by your attitude.

This statistics created a revolutionary movement in all sectors. Most of the leading organizations started making attempts to increase the percentage of their Attitudinal Training. This trend is widely spread now in various other countries including India.


Positive Mental Attitude

According to the Wall Street journal, in the year 2000 the rate at which information was doubling has reduced from five years to three. In the year 2002, stunningly, the information was doubling every thirty five weeks. In the year 2008, it was as low as three weeks. This pace will make it impossible for one to prepare for a profession of an entire lifetime with twelve (12) to twenty (20) years of formal education. But if we have a positive attitude about learning called “teacheability”, we will continue to update ourselves on skills and knowledge throughout our careers. The “Positive Mental Attitude Training” from People Smart is the most recommended and widely accepted warm up program of all.


Motivation (Is an Attitude too)

While searching the reason for why so many workers today are not motivated by what they do, it has become obvious that something is missing out in their work environment. Perhaps their own personal perception regarding the lack of importance of what they do may have contributed to their dissatisfaction. While too many of them are waiting for an outside stimulus from employer for an inner motivation, we observe not only a frustrated worker, but even more frustrated employer.
We believe that human beings have an unquenchable thirst for better things in life - that’s why People Smart wants to do something unique with people’s thought process that manifests itself in the way they feel and act. We believe motivation is an inside job and it is an attitude too.


Public Speaking

Public speaking worries a lot of people, even those who do it regularly. Well, that doesn’t have to be that way. People who are great public speakers posses two (2) important qualities, the first an empowering mindset and the second is a strong technique. We will teach to think like a great communicator and provide you with technique that will support you specifically on handling nervousness, keeping enthusiasm, meditation, understanding your audience, correcting awkward mannerisms, handling distractions, vocal techniques, body language, and finally, preparation and delivery.


Presentation Skills

We offer presentation skills training courses to suit every kind of presenter, formal and informal, delivered individually or in a group, for few person or packed auditorium. Our dynamic insightful tutors will cover 101 tips on effective presentations including areas that deal with presentation nervousness, body language, voice control, etc.


Problem Solving System

It is easier to be positive about any problems if we have a systematic way of solving them. In other words, we need to be a good problem solver on our way to achieving great things and we grow from the problem we try to solve. We have devised a 7-Step process that you can use to solve any complex problem. Obviously you don’t have to go through the entire process with every decision you make, but it will help you solve many of the major challenges in your life.

People Communication

If organizations are all about people and what drives them is people power, then the powerhouse is skillful communication with people. Many people do not fully realize the benefits that are easily attainable from acquiring people skills. All it takes is an understanding of human nature, a new approach and a few simple easy-to-do techniques, which are practiced in People Smart workshops.

Do you know that in most communication, as much as 93% is non-verbal and of that, 55% is physical? Are you aware of this body language that is being spoken around us? Why leave such an important part of communication to chance?


Character Foundation

“However skills, personality, driving motivation and talent may get you to the top, but it is character that will keep you there”

There are thousands of books, courses and classes readily available on computer science, accounting, medicine, law and even on how to dress for success, speak publicly, set goals, negotiate and sell and so on. Unfortunately no schools or Universities dare to touch topics on Character, as no one professionally taught them.

People Smart takes those timeless value added principles and wraps them around with visuals that truly are worth more than words. We are proud and excited to share these unique life changing images.


Team Building

High performance does not just happen. Even the most committed team will not succeed if it does not have tools and systems for high performance. The team building practices a systematic methodology for team based problem solving.

The teamwork necessitated by the complexity of today's workplace has placed increased importance on a worker's interpersonal skills. Such teaming often brings together individuals from diverse groups who may not share common norms, values, or vocabularies but who do offer unique expertise, insights, and perspectives.

On completion of our program, participants return to work equipped fully with a versatile problem solving process that can apply to work place projects.  The first step in achieving high performance teamwork is to build a strong Interpersonal relationship.


Leadership Styles

Developing future leaders is the single greatest challenge that all enterprises face today. Corporate research over the last 30 years proves that companies that invested in the development of leaders and maintained bench strength of talent resulted in significant competitive edge, demonstrated profitability and adaptiveness, and sustained & predictable results.

A series of recent corporate studies suggests that developing leadership talent, versus buying transient leaders, is the most efficient and effective means of strategic success.

The value proposition is clear: The enterprise can most efficiently and effectively improve executive bench strength through the development of proven talent that has experience with the company, organizational knowledge, and interpersonal relationships.

People Smart Leadership Training workshops provide a solid base for ongoing leadership development through identifying the individual leadership styles, and then working on to match it with other individual styles and finally addresses the real time “Principles of Leadership”.


Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills include the ability to read and manage motivations, emotions, and behaviors of oneself and others during social interactions or in a social-interactive context. Interpersonal skills in Digital Age are somewhat more complex than they have been in the past.

Many have wondered how it happens that persons with high IQs don't always land on top jobs. The answer often lies in interpersonal skills. In fact, emotional intelligence - the capacity to manage emotions well - is twice as important to success in the workplace as IQ and expertise.

People trained on Interpersonal Skills by People Smart:

    • Are aware of and able to manage their emotions, strengths, and limits during both face-to-face and virtual interactions
    • Are able to manage their behavior during social interactions
    • Are able to align their goals with the goals of others during collaborative activities
    • Understand & positively manage emotions of others in both face-to-face and virtual environments; empathize with others; are sensitive to the needs of others and to the forces that shape the way that others feel and behave; enhance strengths and abilities of others
    • Manage conflict effectively by devising win-win solutions; constructively influence the behavior of others; use effective communication and persuasive strategies; listen well
    • Will appreciate others deference rather than nagging on it
    • Knows their own interpersonal styles and flex it to others styles and gain predictable results

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